October 6, 2009

I'm not going to lie...

that hurt. So I had an HSG on Friday. I'm a baby. I'm a wimp. I get panic attacks. I obsess. I always think I am dying. Geez, I'm going to have problems when I DO get pregnant. Eek.

A couple of my friends had an HSG done and they said, "Don't worry. It doesn't hurt that bad. Its just very uncomfortable." I thought no big deal. I can handle this. I handled cryotherapy I can handle this. Umm No.

It hurt. Yes it hurt for maybe 1 minute. HAHAHA. Just 1 minute. I'm such a baby.

Mr. OB went with me to my HSG. Its the least he could do. I went with him to an angiogram and a million and 1 CT scans. He went to the back and I changed and the nurse said, "Hold her hand. She is going to need it. Mrs. OB did you take any advil or motrin?" Umm NO! I totally forgot to. Crap. Oh well. It won't be that bad. I made some comment about how bad its going to hurt and the nurse said, "Mr. OB be sure to hold tight she might squeeze. You have no idea what us women go through." I looked at Mr. OB and said, "Man he can't complain though. He knows what pain is. He had a crantonamy ."

Mr. OB - 1
Mrs. OB - 0

I definitely wasn't going to get any sympathy out of Mr. OB. He had this done. Granted he was on morphine. I was on nothing. I should have drank before hand. That would have calmed me down. I kid, I kid.

Funny part of my story. I get super nervous and I asked this, "Can you die from this?" The doctor, nurse, and Mr. OB crack up laughing. I was serious. Can you?

Answer. No.

Mr. Ob, Doctor, Nurse - 2
Mrs. Ob - 0

So the doctor puts in the speculum, I scream. I don't know why. It felt just like an annual pap smear. Like I said, I'm a baby. He inserts the catheter and the balloon of dye and I proclaim to the world my thoughts.


Dr. : Look, Look, Look. Look at the screen. Look the dye, it is already flowing out of your left tube. There it goes out of your right tube. You are good. Normal

Mrs. OB: Oh man this is so awesome. That's me?!? (I'm totally oblivious to the fact that I was just screaming murder.) So cool.

Dr.: I'm taking it out now. You might have some more cramping. Okay its out.

Mrs. OB: Is it okay if I run a 5K tomorrow? I'm not in any pain anymore. Its all gone. That was a rough painful minute but man all the pain is gone. No cramping.

Yes everyone, I asked if I could run a 5K the next morning. I was fine. The test really wasn't THAT bad. Yes it hurt but it literally hurt for only a minute, if that. It was really neat that I could see my body in action and I would do it again.

Moral of the story take advil or motrin before.

The nurse said if I had my uterus wouldn't have cramped so bad. I don't want to scare anyone away from this procedure. It was awesome. It was neat and totally worth it. But I'm not going to lie. It hurt for one minute. (I'm also seeing egg white cervical mucus I have never seen before. Not just a little but like LOADS of it.) This test was definitely worth it.


Worry Bud said...

OMG Mrs. OB...go BD BD BD...I hear that fertility is sometimes increased after HSGs!


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