October 16, 2009

AF and other news

Well, my period came. I'm OK, a little sad and a disappointed. I got my hopes up and I shouldn't have. I tend to do that with everything in life. You would think that I new better. Oh well.

To be honest, I am tired of talking about TTC. It is hard to talk about and Mr. SB is getting tired of it as well. So, let's discuss our new house. If you remember my post about our house that we are buying (if not, go here), well we close in 3 weeks!!! I am so excited to be a homeowner. We have already bought the paint for the rooms, the paint for the garage and patio, the refrigerator and we already know what we want to do with every room. After closing we will still have about $500 left in savings and that will give us some cushion to do what we want with the house.

Yesterday, we finalized everything with the homeowners insurance. We are just getting closer and closer and I am just thrilled.

So, here's my question - We have a beautiful entry-way and we can't figure out what we want to do with it. Any ideas? It will be an arctic blue, has dark "hard wood" floors and is more of a hall type area. Give me your best ideas. Oh, and we like earth tones. The whole house is blues, greens and browns. with a splash of red.

Here is a picture if that helps


Stef said...

*hugs* I'll leave it at that.

I am so excited about your house! I'm not a great decorator so I don't have any awesome suggestions, but I love the idea of a nice hall tree that maybe matches the hardwoods. Just an idea, maybe not even a good one. lol. Or even just a nice credenza with a nice mirror over it, a place to sit flowers or photos. Again, not a decorator, so just a few suggestions. :) Good Luck with everything!

Obsessive Bud said...

I was about to put what Stef said. I was thinking of a nice little bench or table like this http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Beacon-Black-Bench-with-Rattan-Baskets/3725785/product.html Good luck! I LOVE DECORATING!!

Sugar Bud said...

Oh, OB, I love that!!!

Jen J. said...

Def get a nice little rug for the front door - target has nice big ones reasonably priced. The actual hall looks a bit narrow so I'm not sure I'd put a table there - I would probably use that space to display photos - like a photo wall with different sizes/shapes of frames in the same colors. GL! The house is beautiful!


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