October 2, 2009

2WW: One week down, one to go!

I'm halfway done with the 2ww already. Our timing was pretty good, but it was the last several months, too. I guess at this point I'm no longer hopeful to see a BFP anytime soon. Next week should be pretty busy, so I really won't have a whole lot of time to think/worry about it.
In other news, one of my BFFs just had a baby girl on Wednesday. It's her 2nd child. (Her first is about a year older than little Daisy Bud #1.) I'm so happy for her and her husband. Seeing her son with the baby makes me so excited for little Daisy Bud #1 to be a big brother.


Obsessive Bud said...

I hate hate hate the 2ww. I make up so many symptoms! Good Luck! I hope you get your BFP!


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