October 11, 2009

12 weeks

So today marks my 12th week of pregnancy. 12 weeks such an incredibly short time in a journey of 40 but feels like forever even. Some days I still have a hard time believing that I am even pregnant, others when I wake up feeling queasy and exhausted it really sinks in.

A week and a half to go until my next Doctors appointment, also that day will mark the 13 week 3 day mark that is the benchmark for the 2nd trimester. I am having a hard time believing that we are almost a 3rd of the way through the waiting for our baby to be here. There is so much that we have to do yet and I think that Mr. Daffodil Bud and I are going to be freaking out more as we get closer to D-Day. We haven't really shopped for any furniture yet, I mean I have window shopped and have an idea of what I would like for baby furniture and what it is going to cost us but Mr. Bud hasn't gotten to really look at any of this yet.

We really don't have anything going on to much to report about so I am going to go to a couple of funnies from the week of what family has said to me.

On Tuesday my mom found out what the dates are for the spring car sale, that the credit union she works for, are May 7th and 8th. So she calls and leaves me a message that the baby better not be late. Like we really have any control over that but thanks anyway. When I got to actually talk to her I told her she'd better talk to her grandchild about that one and while she was at it could she ask it not to come 3 weeks early like mommy did. If this baby comes 3 weeks early like I did I would have it on Easter. Now I know this sounds selfish(because frankly it may be a wee bit) but I would like to enjoy my ham, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs please! To which she responded the baby will come when it comes. Really mom? I never thought that that would happen :)

Now on Thursday Mr Daffodil Bud went to get Subway for lunch. The woman that manages our local Subway is a friend of Mr. Bud's from high school. Well apparently she recently( about 4 months ago) had a baby girl. So Mr bud tells me when I get home from work that night about his friend having had a baby girl and says to me "you'll never guess what she named her" to which I reply "the name I have had picked out for years?". Yeppers his friend has named her daughter the name I have picked out for ours if we ever have a daughter. I told him I really didn't care, the name is a family name that I picked out when my great-grandmother passed when I was 19. The name is gaining popularity again but I don't care if my future daughter goes to school with 4 in every class, it is a family name meant to honor a woman who meant the world to me.

So there are our crazy things this week. Hope to have more to report on next week once I have seen the doctor again.



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