October 11, 2009

100+ days TTC & Dr. Appt. Followup

Last night marked me & Mr. Worry Bud's 101st day TTC. How do I know you ask? Well my PNVs came in a bottle of 100 & I know I missed one day of PNVs over Labor Day weekend (b/c I got SO drunk & passed out when we got home), and I have never missed any since...so yep, 101 days. This may seem very minor to some, but when we started on this journey I had such high hopes that our TTC journey would be a short one. It is still much shorter than some of the other women I know who have been TTC, but this is a definite milestone to me that we have been trying for a good bit of time. It's hard not to be sad about it, but I'm trying to look forward towards the future, and hopefully soon...our BFP! I cannot wait to make my BFP announcement to everyone one day soon hopefully. On the bright side, I have met soooo many wonderful women on this TTC journey along with me, women I may have never gotten close to if I had gotten my BFP in my first few cycles. I have also learned a lot about my body & about TTC in general (sometimes, I think I may know more than my Drs. - keep reading). So tonight I cracked open my new bottle & took my 101st Target Brand PNV...

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Oh, also - I had my Dr. appointment on Friday & my PCP tends to agree with my OB/GYN & suggests I wait for a bit longer until I start pursuing any treatment for my LP issues. She says that she thinks that in addition to stress, my not being pg yet has to do with my body still getting adjusted to being off BCPs, and she could very well be right - but I'm impatient. She says that I should maybe consider not charting for a cycle to see if that helps with my stress level - I have not yet decided if I will do this...I actually don't think that charting stresses me out, I think not knowing what's going on would stress me out more! She did agree that she would do all the blood work I am looking to have done, including the check of my progesterone levels. So I have an appointment on Wednesday to have my blood taken for the tests. I updated the girls on the TTC internet message board I frequent & they reminded me that progesterone should only be tested on certain days of your menstrual cycle - not on just any random day. So I will probably cancel that test & have it done by my OB/GYN later. I have an appointment with my OB/GYN for mid-December that I made a while back about my LP (when they told me to keep trying for a few more months before coming in), so I will most likely get my progesterone levels checked then. Unfortunately, Mr. WB suggest that I also wait until my appointment in December to pursue any additional approaches. At this point I am weighing my options & may consider going to get another opinion before then, but for now I am anxiously waiting to see how this current cycle goes. Wish me luck and T&P while we consider what our next move is.


Dandelion Bud said...

I know from my experience, that not charting stressed me more than charting. Some doctors don't understand that.

At this point in my TTC world (cycle 11 coming to a close), i don't even temp every day anymore. I temp for O, and then I'm lax about it. I don't temp during AF at all, and once i'm positive of O, if I miss a day (or 3) here and there I'm fine with it.

WIshing you luck WB - but I hope you'll follow your doctors advice... i think it's good advice. You're only JUST off BCPs... it might take awhile to adjust. I'm so sorry.

Worry Bud said...

Thanks Dandelion Bud...I really do value your opinion & take to heart everything you tell me. I am weighing my options still & am leaning towards listening to my Dr. Dec. is really not that far away & like you said I am JUST off BCPs so I'm interested to see if anything happens in the next few cycles.

Dandelion Bud said...

I'm so relieved that you said that WB... i don't ever want to hurt your feelings or have you think that I have anything but the best of intentions.

I hope you have a lucky cycle... I really really do!!


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