September 11, 2009

What a week!

Mr. Daisy Bud is work position right now is as a floater. Every week and/or every day he can be working at a different time. For the last week he was been working midnight to 8am. This makes a difficult week for me as a SAHM trying to keep Little Daisy Bud quiet while Mr. Daisy Bud is sleeping. It also makes it quite difficult to find a chance to BD. Thank goodness I didn't end up Oing this week. Any tips on how to work around this type of schedule?

One of my old co-workers who had struggled with IF had twin baby girls a couple weeks ago. I was so excited for her that I had to make them both baby quilts (and a few other small gifts). I can't even imagine how hard it must have been working in our office where there was a pretty much constant stream of pregnant women. I'm so happy for her!
Baby quilts are so much fun to make. I definitely will be making Little Daisy Bud #2's bedding. I wish I would have for Little Daisy Bud #1's. We never used most of his set because the sheets were so scratchy. What a waste of money!



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