September 11, 2009


To be honest with you, I just do not understand my chart. I did the study, I'm reading my book, but I just don't understand what it all means.

My questions are:

1. Why do my temps keep staying elevated if I'm not KU?
2. Why haven't I started my period?
3. Why can't the chart just say "Sugar Bud, you are not pregnant. Your body is just getting used to being off of BCP"? (I know, this is also wishful thinking)

I just want some clear answers with clear reasoning so that I can move on to the next cycle. I wish the author of TCOYF could just look at my chart and explain it all to me and tell me what I should expect.

Lately, all I do is wish.




Daisy Bud said...

Maybe you have a longer luteal cycle. 14 days is just an average. I think your O day looks correct based on your temps and CM.

Sugar Bud said...

Oh, I know. When I got off BCP in the past, I was like clock work and now that it matters, I'm not. Just really aggrevating. Thanks for looking and the advice, though!!!

Kari said...

are you going to test again? I think your O day looks right too. But are you still TTA??

Mrs. Watts said...

I don't think I am going to test again. We are TTA, but we only used the withdrawal method so anything is possible.


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