September 23, 2009

What WAS I Thinking!?

Well, this week we began our TTC journey. It started out with the cutest text message conversation...

DH: you ok?
Me: yea
DH: nervous about today
Me: u? or me?
DH: you
Me: yea
DH: are you ready to be a mom?
Me: yes
DH: me too. I see baby all the time in my head
Me: aww
DH: when do we start testing?
Me: sometime in October?
DH: are we starting tonight?
Me: maybe
DH: ok just let me know

How unromantic, but cute at the same time! :) I have to admit though that the night of this conversation, it didn't happen because I was scared to death and tried to show Mr. BrainyBud that I was "in the mood" but obviously he got it wrong and went to bed, then I got mad, and it was one extremely difficult night with lots of emotions....

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We ended up forgiving each other of course, but then I felt very reluctant to start all over again. I mean, come on, it was already an uphill roller coaster to muster up the courage (over a year's time) to start TTC, now I have to find the courage in less than 24 hours? It was all too much to handle. Why does this have to be so darn hard?

Faith, Love, and Baby Flutters
Mrs. Brainy Bud



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