September 14, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Health Insurance

Well, I just got off the phone with my RE office. The gal was nice enough to call and ask my health insurance about fertility treatment coverage.

The not-so-great news: I just found out that my current health insurance will only cover Diagnosis but nothing for treatment.

So an HSG, SA and ultrasounds will be covered but AI (IUI) and IVF will have to be self paid. AI (IUI) probably isn't that big of deal but IVF - now that is huge.

The good news: January 1st, I will be covered under a different health insurance company.

The ugly news: I won’t know until late December or early January what all will be covered.

Let me just say this – I’m very thankful that I have health insurance. I was also very thankful that we can start figuring out what the issue may be. Hopefully, it is something minor and/or I get my BFP soon and then we won’t have to wait and see what my new insurance will cover.

Until next time,
Sunshine Bud


Domestic Princess said...

Good Post! You had me curious what ours is. Thank you

Shawna0116 said...

Thats great!! At least, you have 3 months to get all these tests done and then wait until January and make your decision on what you will do next.

Dandelion Bud said...

SB - that's my boat. All dx and no treatment.

In november, we're switching to a plan that will cost us $350/month (currently less than $100) with a $9K deductible, but then IF will be covered.

there's no easy answers anywhere.


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