September 6, 2009

1 year down

So today marks the end of the 1st year of marriage for Mr. Daffodil Bud and I. 1 year ago we got married after having been together for 7 years. Our 1st year of marriage has had its ups and downs, mainly health issues for Mr. Daffodil Bud. Our biggest and best surprise though would be that just 3 weeks before our 1st anniversary we found out that we are expecting the little bud.
I am considering my little bud to be my best if not only anniversary gift this year even if I did "get it" early. So now we forge ahead to year 2 and the beginning of parenthood added to the dynamic that is the Daffodil Bud household. Lots of changes are in store. Here's hoping that we don't hit too many obstacles along the way.


Shawna0116 said...

Happy 1 year anniversary!!!!!

Rose Bud said...

Happy anniversary and what a great anniversary gift!

Jenifire said...

Happy anniversary Daf! I'm so happy for you and your greatest anniversary present ever! Congrats again.

Jen J. said...

Happy anniversary - best wishes for your 2nd year of marriage!


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