August 28, 2009

Well I made it to Friday . . .

before I POAS. But now I wish I had waited even longer because of what I saw on the stick, a BFN. So sad! For over a week I have been having sensitive nipples and lower back pain. Symptoms that I never have, before or after O, or even before or during AF. So I got my hopes up. I got even more excited when my alarm went off at 5:30am to take my temperature and it had not gone down (13 DPO). I was so excited to see 98.4 degrees that I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to POAS. You know the outcome. So with tears in my eyes I climbed back in bed and curled up next to Mr. Hopeful Bud. He said "what's wrong?" I said "We're not pregnant." He just hugged me closer and said "We will get our baby soon, and I'll call and make an appointment for next week."

So what is next for The Hopeful Buds? Well, I reconfigured my ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor, so hopefully that will work for us this cycle, whenever it starts. Mr. Hopeful is going to call a urologist for a Sperm Analysis. As soon as AF arrives, I will call my doctor to get an HSG scheduled at the radiologist. I also think I may start looking for a new doctor. Fun times ahead for the Hopeful Buds.

On the bright side, this means that I get to partake in some alcoholic beverages at the lake over Labor Day weekend. :)



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