August 24, 2009

Warning! Warning! TMI Below!

Ugh, this TTA thing might just get the best of me.

I am currently on day 13 of my cycle and still very unsure of charting, so Mr. Sugar Bud and I are using the withdrawal method during this time of my cycle. We did this the ENTIRE time we were dating and engaged and it wasn't too bad, but now I am spoiled. I know that we could be using condoms, but Mr. SB doesn't perform as well with a "rain coat" on.
So here is the TMI part of this post - last night was the first night that we used the method mentioned above. We were having a really great time and then it just stopped when he climaxed, UGH!!! Oh well, I guess if have to TTA for just two cycles, I will just have to grin and bare it.

Also, I don't really understand the whole "cervical mucus" stuff. I know what it's for, I know how to check it, but I DO NOT know how to read it. I am always so unsure of what category it is considered. I have always had a large amount of this stuff and now that I know what it actually is, I can't figure out if I am reading it correctly. And well, you can't exactly show it to someone to see if you are reading it correctly.

Man, who knew this whole "baby-making" process was such hard work?

Have a look at my chart on the right side of the screen and see what you think. Remember, we are trying to avoid making a baby.

Happy Monday!

Sugar Bud


Jen J. said...

Based on your CM observations it looks like your body may be gearing up to O...use the pull & pray method or just avoid sex altogether for the next few days until FF confirms your O date.

Sugar Bud said...

Haha, I like the pull and pray saying. That makes me laugh!!!

Thanks for looking!!


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