August 24, 2009

AF still MIA

I think I'm on day 53 of my cycle now. Since I'm not really charting (just watching CM this cycle) I have no clue if I actually ovulated or not. Using the first date of EWCM, AF is way overdue. Using the 2nd date of EWCM, AF should be due tomorrow. If AF doesn't show up tomorrow, maybe I'll test. But for all I really know, I could still be waiting to ovulate.

My cycles have never been regular without being on BCP. It took over a year of being off BCP for my cycles to regulate. And then we conceived little Daisy Bud #1. After he was born, I decided it was not worth it to go back on BCP.

My plan was to start charting again. This is much easier said then done. My sleep schedule is far from regular. Little Daisy Bud tends to be my alarm clock in the morning. I am usually barely functioning at that point in the morning, so remembering to take my temperature before getting out of bed rarely happens. So for now I'm in suspence whether this long cycle will lead to AF or a BFP.



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