August 27, 2009

Let the over-analyzing (of everything) begin!

Well, here we go yet again! That all too familiar territory of the 2WW. And once again, I’m sitting here analyzing everything little twinge and pain. What is wrong with me???? And where, oh where, did my self control go??

So, join me in the analysis, won’t you? I am 5 DPO and my temps are looking good! Here’s my chart: My Chart. My symptoms so far are: Sore breasts, my skin is breaking out (I feel like a teenager again), and by far the weirdest symptom - my lips and fingertips have a metallic taste when I lick them.

Now - Let me back up a minute and really analyze these symptoms. The sore breasts, well that comes and goes from cycle to cycle BUT typically it’s not this early. My skin breaking out – well that comes with the territory too. Now, the metallic taste to my lips and fingers, now THAT is just bizarre. Picture this if you will, I scrub my hands with soap and water. Once dry, I lick my finger and it doesn’t matter which one – sure enough it tastes like metal and it’s not pleasant at all! This has taken place since CD 3 and some say this could be a good sign. I’m sure there is a logical explanation – maybe too much iron or something along those lines.

So, for now, I’ll sit here and ponder and wonder. No matter what, I won’t test until Sept. 5th! Try as you all might, it won’t happen before then, Sorry!

Wishing everyone luck,

Sunshine Bud


Hopeful Bud said...

I am right there with you with overanalyzing everything!! Although, I don't quite get the metallic finger tips, that's a new one.

Faith Bud said...

your chart is looking GREAT so far!!! And I feel ya on the skin one! My skin was actually looking really good a while back & the past few days while I'm not breaking out, yet, it looks.... dull!


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