August 25, 2009

Beantown was a great distraction to the 2WW

So this morning I took my temperature at 5:30am for the first time in five days. That's the longest break I have taken since starting to chart. I decided before leaving for Boston that I was just going to relax, I had ovulated the weekend before, so I was in the 2WW and didn't want to stress any more then necessary. So I didn't even take my BBT with me. Boston was a great distraction, it is a wonderful city and we had the most incredible time. But this fun city provided a bit more temptation then I could turn down. Usually during the 2WW I am very good at not drinking alcohol, but not this last week. On Thursday when we arrived in Boston, Mr. Hopeful Bud and myself started down the red brick path of the Freedom Trail. After two stops, Mr. Hopeful Bud decided that he was thirsty and wanted to go to Cheers, so we did. We even sat at Fraiser's spot at the bar. It started to pour as soon as we got into the bar, so a couple drinks later, we left once the rain cleared up. Later that evening there was wine with dinner. The next day we enjoyed Blue Vodka Lemonades for dinner. It just seems like all we did was drink and eat while in Boston. Please don't judge me, I am usually a poster child of moderation and drank in moderation this week as well. I hate the feeling of being drunk, so I avoid that feeling very well. I guess I just feel a bit guilty for the multiple indulgences on our trip even though I know that IF I was pregnant, the baby and I would not be sharing blood yet at this point. So the baby would not be affected. Good to know, but I still feel a little guilty.

Since we are back home, I will start behaving myself. No more drinking until AF shows up. I will get back to being my good 2WW self. I'm currently at 10DPO, so I'm hoping that I can wait until AF is late before I POAS. Only time will tell. Wish me luck!


Chef Bud said...

Drink til it's pink! Don't feel bad, especially since you were on vacation. It's stressful enough when you're deserved a fun vacation and *hopefully* those will be the last drinks you have for a while.

C said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed Boston! Good luck, crossing my fingers that you get your bfp this month!


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