August 23, 2009

And it’s Just the Beginning…

Hello and welcome to bloomin; Babies Blog!!! I really hope that this blog will be able to help you out in some way as this is our place to express everything that is going on in our lives…

To start off with I am Flora Bud, and my husband is Mr. Bud but we can call him Mr. OP for Mr. Over Protective, just kidding. Although he is going to be that parent that if I would let him he will send our child to school wrapped up in bubble wrapping just to make sure nothing happens to him/her. And this is one of the best features that he has… He is so caring, I have never meet any other man that has always been there for me and love me for who am I. We are high school sweet hearts that separated while I was in college but we could not stay away from one another. :)

We knew right away that we wanted to get married and start a family, so we stop using protection and hoped that I would get ku. Three years later we started to planned our dream wedding and it truly was the best day of my life. It was everything that I could ever dream of. It was beautiful March afternoon with the Ocean behind us and surrounded by our family and closest friends. Here is one picture of us right after our ceremony…
We live in a beautiful, Beach surrounded sunny city in Miami Florida. We enjoy boating and taking vacations down to the Florida Keys.

We are the couple that loves to travel and plan lots of family gatherings and be with our god children. All of our friends have their children and we are that couple that unfortunately has been trying for over a year and no luck until 7/28/09 when we FINALLY saw…

Pregnant!!!! I could not believe it, here is a recap why not... That month I missed charting a few days and we BD 3 days before my ovulation day. So I thought no way we missed it by at least 3 days. Well 3 Dollar store pregnancy tests and 2 digital 'Pregnant' tests we were FINALLY pregnant. We were so excited that we knew that we wanted to tell our families right away; however I always have had that fear of m/c and wanted to wait at least until the first doctor’s appointment which was only 3 weeks away. The following day I already had the hungry symptoms and was dead tired after lunch time everyday oh and let’s not forget peeing like a racehorse!! Mr. Bud could understand me being KU (knocked up) and not having any morning symptoms.

2 weeks pass and it’s the Sunday morning before my doctor’s appointment. Mr. Bud and I were out buying a few things for the barbecue that we were planning on hosting to surprise our family about 'The Big News' and things were not looking too good. When I went to the restroom and I swiped all I can see was blood. I kept swiping in disbelieve. Mr. Bud was already getting things ready to go to the ER, but I know that they cannot do anything and will keep you in the waiting room for hours so I decided to stay home and try to relax until the doctor’s office opens in the morning.

Sadly we learned a lot of information at that appointment information that no one wants to hear. The doctor explained the baby is not growing and there is no heartbeat so this will likely lead to a m/c.

I will share with you our journey of being told we had a chemical Pregnancy later to find out that was not correct.

P.S. I have my follow up appointment on Monday 8/24/09 and hopefully we get some correct answer

Flora Bud



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