October 11, 2012

37w5d - he's snug like a bug in a rug ;)

Well, here I am... almost at the 38 week mark! I still can't believe that in the next couple of weeks, we'll be meeting our son :) :) :) It's still soooooo surreal. I know a lot of women out there can relate. Once you've dealt with even the most minor case of IF, you are never sure if you will ever have your take home baby. So, when you are this close, it's still so hard to believe.

I want to take a moment to give a HUGE shout-out to our very own Explorer Bud. Let's hope and pray that this LO sticks so she can have her own take home baby!!!! Please keep her in your T&P. 

Anyway, let's get down to my updates, shall we?

How far along: 37 weeks 5 days! :) Cervix is still high and closed as of my OB appointment yesterday, so it seems like this little man is very comfortable, and not ready to come out yet. 

Total weight change: I don't even want to say it... but I will. +50! HOW THE HECK?! I haven't changed any of my eating habits, my blood pressure is great. I am, however, swollen like a toad, retaining tons of water. OB hasn't said anything about it, so he doesn't seem concerned. But I am :-/ Let's see how big this baby really is. They keep saying he's going to be huge, but at my last ultrasound they estimated 6lbs6oz (could be a lb more or less, give or take). I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Maternity clothes: Still the same. I refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes, and am getting by with what I have. With the amount of time I have left, why bother? Plus, no need to layer in South Florida for Fall... I can get away with wearing the same ol' stuff. The only thing I need to get is... nursing bras and tanks!!! Need to head to Target for that... Doing that today, since I need to finish packing my Hospital Bag. 

Stretch Marks: Still Zebra status. I have given up on the whole stretch mark issue. I guess when we are done having kids, I'll have them taken care of. Whatever.  

Movement: He moves pretty regularly. Definitely has days where he moves more than others... but, like I said before, it's more like a roll, and less kicking than before. Some of his movements are quite strong. It's funny to sit and look at my belly as he wiggles in there. So weird! lol

Sleep: Sleeping like a rock! Thank GOD! I am trying to get as much rest as possible, and find myself hitting the sack a lot earlier than I used to. I think my body is trying to tell me something... get your rest while you still can! I love my sleep time ;) I also try to get a nap in when I get home from work. At least an hour or so.

Best Moment This Past Week: Reaching "Full Term", starting to pack my Hospital Bag (already packed his), almost finishing up the nursery (almost!)... and I'm sure we have a couple more here and there. We got the mattress, compliments of MIL, and are just about ready to put that together. I just have to finish the letters of his name for the wall above the crib. Other than that, it's really taking shape. Pictures coming soon!!!!!

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: Seeing that number on the scale... scary :( I am starting to get a little worried about weight loss after the baby comes, because I was already overweight to begin with, and it isn't good for my career. I plan on breastfeeding, so I can't go on a crazy diet straight off. Hopefully a lot of this weight will come off on its own. Let's hope!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in... looks so weird! I don't think it'll become an outtie, but it's pretty shallow. 

Cravings/Aversions: Still into chewing ice when it's hot and I feel dehydrated (and it still is here, for the most part, in South FLA). No other major cravings, though. 

Symptoms: Heartburn comes and goes, which can really suck at times... It got pretty wicked last night. Looking forward to not having to deal with that anymore. 


Me said...

Full Term! Full Term! Full Term!

So happy for you.

~Cactus Bud

ps. Only get a few nusring bras/tanks before your milk comes in. The girls fluctuate a bunch in size in the early months of BF.

Diva Bud said...

Hey, stranger!! :) :) :)

I know... can you believe it?! I am so excited!!!!!

I plan on only getting a couple of bras/tanks to see how things go... don't want to go crazy from the get-go.

Hope all is well with you and your LO :)

Me said...

Currently we're dealing with a mild cold going through our house. Not too fun, but it could be worse. Not good when combined with m/s though...

I'm so excited you are so close!


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