September 17, 2012

34w2d... counting down the days and weeks :)

How far along: 34 weeks 2 days! :)

Total weight change: At my last OB appointment I was up a total of (I believe) 31lbs... He doesn't seem concerned, and neither do I, considering that it seems it has all accumulated in my belly. I sometimes look like I am carrying a basketball under my shirt. Lovely :)

Maternity clothes: Still the same. I refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes, and am getting by with what I have. 

Stretch Marks: I am officially a zebra. Oh well :-/ 

Movement: He's definitely a roller! There are times when I feel him moving a lot and other times that he is a little more relaxed. At night, when I get in bed, he likes to put on a little show ;) I actually think he's head down and starting to get a little low... we shall see soon!!!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well, actually. I love to sleep! Gotta take advantage before our little man gets here ;) 

Best Moment This Past Week: Not really pregnancy related, but DH cleaned the house, which made me super happy! We also went to IKEA today and bought the shelves we wanted for our desk area. The baby's room is in our office, so we created a "wall unit" type office area so that the rest of the room can be all "Baby Land" ;) Mr. DBud built and mounted the shelves and everything is lookin' good! Now we just have to organize all our "office" stuff on them.   

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: Catching another cold that started in my throat, moved to my sinuses, moved to my chest, and now back to my sinuses. Hopefully, it'll go away soon. It's been almost a week :-/

Belly Button In or Out: Still in, but definitely not as deep as before. It's getting more shallow each day... lol

Cravings/Aversions: Still into chewing ice when it's hot (and it still is here in South FLA). No other major cravings, though. 

Symptoms: Haven't had that horrible heart burn I was having, which is great... I've just been battling this cold, which totally sucks. But, I must say, I've been feeling some pain and slight pressure in my pelvis. I am wondering if this means things are "getting ready" for what is coming in the next few weeks. We shall see!!!

Thursday, I have another appointment with my OB. He said he will send me for another ultrasound to determine how big the baby is, and see where our birth plans will take us. I am excited to see how things have progressed, being that I haven't had an ultrasound since late June. Can't wait :)

Until next time!!


Explorer Bud said...

You are on the homestretch what a great feeling!! I am glad that you are getting close to delivery and you will get to have this baby here!! I hope your appointment went well on Thursday!!


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