August 31, 2012

Update Hormone Bloodwork

August 1st I went in and had my hormone levels and thyroid rechecked. My Testosterone level was 100, Estridol was 60 and my Thyroid levels were in the normal range (don't remember at the moment). So I asked the nurse if these were levels that we could start another round of IVF or if we would need to wait longer. She spoke with the RE and he said the next month we would be able to start!! Jump forward to now..... We are on day 4 of our 4th IVF cycle. We are doing an Antagon stimming cycle so I am taking Repronex 3 vials each day for about 10 days. On Monday the 3rd I will go in and do my second blood draw to check hormone levels and an ultrasound to see how the eggs are growing. If things are going good we will wait and be seen a few days later to determine when I will need to take the Lupron shot (trigger shot) so we can do the retrieval. I think, if all goes on schedule, we will be doing the retrieval on Monday, September 10th. I am feeling great and am still doing weekly acupuncture appointments, taking the following herbs: Menotrol(in place of Metformin) and Blossoms 1 - 4(depending upon which week of my cycle I am on on). I feel at peace with this last round of IVF because I feel like we have tried everything that is out there and I know that we have given it our best shot and getting pregnant.


Diva Bud said...

Woohoo!!!! Sending you tons of positive vibes, and keeping you in my T&P!!!!

Esther Noelle said...

Yes, you have worked so hard and I hope hope hope hope HOPE that this time everything will result in a healthy baby for you! Love you lady! Can't wait for your egg retrieval and to hear all the details!


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