August 10, 2012

Mini-Update :)

As I grace the 29-week point in my pregnancy, I wanted to take a moment to update you on my most recent Doctor's appointment this past week.

On Tuesday, I visited with my OB for my 28 week check up. It was the usual visit, starting out with a little pee in a cup, checking blood pressure, getting weighed, and then going in to wait on the Doctor. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my OB??? He is amazing :) This all took 30 minutes, including my time with him :)

Anyway, I found out that I passed my Glucose Tolerance test with a score of 124 (and thank GOD I did, because I thought I was going to pass out when I did the normal 1-hour test). The nurse says there was a little sugar in my urine, but nothing to be alarmed about at this point... I had breakfast kind of late that morning, and it probably translated into the pee. I am up a total of 22lbs (2 since my Glucose test), so that is going well also. Blood pressure was also good and steady, as it has been :)

When the Doctor came in, he did his usual rounds... he asked me how I felt, to which I replied, "good!" since I actually am feeling pretty good, for the most part. He then proceeded to measure my fundal height, which must've been fine, because he didn't say anything (he rarely does about this). Then, he pulled out the doppler and we heard the little guy's heart beat. That's my favorite part ;) He told me everything is going fine, and to keep it up! He also told me that if anything happens, or whatever, to call him first, NOT to just go to the Hospital. I have been feeling fine, so I don't feel like I've needed to (Thank GOD).

Well, that's about it, for now... My next appointment will be in 4 weeks, on September 4th (just after the Baby Shower). By then we should be able to iron out a Birth Plan, and do my Hospital pre-registration, etc.

I am getting more and more excited every day!!!! :) :) :)

Until next time ;)


Explorer Bud said...

Diva Bud you are so far along now, what a wonderful thing!! I bet you are just soo excited to be having a healthy happy pregnancy. What a great thing!!


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