May 22, 2012

17w3d, and moving right along :)

Hello, everyone!!!

I am going to continue with the little template I started using last time... I find this kind of helps me give a thorough update without sounding TOO boring. Some of the weeks are uneventful, with no major appointments or Ultrasounds... so, here we go!

How far along: 17 weeks, 3 days!!

Total weight change: +6 total, based on Doctor's office scale. We have no scale at home... Have to wait until my next weigh in :)

Maternity clothes: Same as last time... The only thing "maternity" I have purchased has been a belly band, which I use with most of my jeans... I have one pair of jeans left that fit comfortably, because they were huge on me pre-pregnancy... but ALL others are either too tight or don't close at all. I feel most comfortable in leggings, stretchy pants and dresses. 

Stretch Marks: Yes, same as before, unfortunately :( I bought some "Bio Oil" which has come highly recommended for this "issue", and I am hoping it works. It does smell nice, though :)

Movement: None, that I've noticed. 

Sleep: Sleeping very nicely, thanks to my NEW Boppy Total Body Pillow! OMG!!! A girl at work recommended it to me, and said it would be my BFF during pregnancy. Boy, was she right! I LOVE that thing! I actually wake up refreshed, with no backaches or drowsiness. I HIGHLY recommend it! It's got the Diva Bud Stamp of Approval ;) 

Best Moment This Past Week: Buying my Boppy, and seeing my good friend's ultrasound picture! She is due January 8th :)

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: Tossing my ENTIRE breakfast on the way to buy the pillow :( I was in the car with Mr. DBud, and had just had Denny's (which I normally am not too fond of, but was hungry, so whatever). We were almost at the store, when I started feeling really weird. I got this tingly feeling throughout my head, like my blood was completely draining out of it, and I started to almost "black out", I told Mr. DBud to pull over, and almost let it go right there (which would be the 2ND time in my 4 month old, special ordered, car). He pulled over, and opened the door, leaned out, and let-it-rip! My entire breakfast ended up on the pavement. Mr. DBud said my lips were WHITE. He gave me some gum to chew, and then I was fine. Like nothing happened. Oh, well :(

Belly Button In or Out: In. I took out my belly ring so that I can let the piercing heal from this little infection it has... and it is getting better, so yay!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing major... Just want some Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey... Other than that, just can't eat too much without getting sick, like before. 

Symptoms: Occasionally tired, but I blame that on things being so hectic... MS has died down a bit (aside from that episode I had), so I am hoping it is gone for good. Boobies are currently not sore, so yay! 

Lastly, and this is aside from the pregnancy stuff... In 2 days, I will be celebrating a milestone Birthday :) I will be turning 30! I can hardly believe it! But you know what they say... 30 is the new 20, and I don't feel a day over 21 (and some people think I am in my early 20s anyway) ;) I set out to be pregnant or have my first child by 30, and so far, so good! Mr. DBud said he is taking me out to Dinner, and that it's a surprise... so let's see what he has in store ;) 

Until next time!!!!


Me said...

Now its my turn to live vicariously through you, lol. It's kind of cool to be reading your posts since where you're at is roughly where I was a year ago (my 17w was around May 10).

Amazing to think of all the changes that have come in a year, and of all the changes you'll have between now and this time next year. :-)
~Cactus Bud


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