April 24, 2012

Second Acupuncturist

Last week Mr. EB and I went off to the second Acupuncturist that is about 30 minutes away. I got his name from another RE's website and figured he may be more familiar with the IVF process in conjunction with Acupuncture. He is deaf in both ears to some degree and therefore has a very strong deaf accent which makes it hard to understand him at times. Mr. EB was frustrated that he was difficult to understand and that we are running into a similar problem with the previous Acupuncturist and not understanding them well. Unfortunately there just isn't a large selection of Acupuncturists in our area so we have slim pickings. When we arrived we got to fill out another "Symptoms" packet with a lot of questions about every aspect of your body and it functions, even bodily functions!! Nice huh?! Then he had us come back and looked over our packets and talked with each of us about what we had put down to get a better understanding of them. I explained our main goal was to work on getting both MR. EB and I balanced and healthy for our next IVF cycle and we would want to do Acupuncture in conjunction with IVF. He then took our various organ pulses and checked our tongues. I am more Yin or cold and Mr. EB is more Yang or hot. He joked we complete one another!! So funny!! So I went first and he felt along my meridian lines for tender areas and placed about 6 needles in my right ankle and lower leg. Then stuck one in my left shin area, that area always feels like energy is flowing down to my toes, kind of a weird sensation. He then put a couple in both hands and in my right arm. These all correlate with my spleen, kidney's and some other organ that all contribute to hormone's that affect your body's fertility. I then get to lay there carefully laying as to not smoosh the needles and take a little siesta under the heat lamp. He came in twice to wiggle my needles and to check how I was feeling. I did like that every time he came in he would ask if I had any questions for him. He may do that because I told him I was shopping around for Acupuncturists so he is being extra attentive. After about 45 minutes he came in and pulled the needles out and had me get up slowly and then talked about wanting to put Mr. EB on some Herbs. We had talked about maybe doing Herbs for me as well but he decided against it because of all the other stuff I am taking and not wanting it to conflict. After the first appointment I was more confused whom I should go with because neither Acupuncturist put the needles in the same place and the exam was different as well. I was hoping they would be similar and I could just pick which one I liked their personality the most. So I don't know if we will keep going to this guy or the one closer to us I am still in limbo.


Diva Bud said...

I know nothing about acupuncture, but if I were you - considering both experiences were completely different - I would try to get any information you possibly can (on acupuncture) and see what you think will benefit you the most. If you could see a third, it may help you make a decision, or it may confuse you more... Seems a bit tricky, but I'm sure you will know what to do :) Good luck!

Explorer Bud said...

Thanks, I was thinking the same thing. I got three books from the library about Acupuncture so I am hoping it will shed some light on this whole Acupuncture thing!


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