April 26, 2012

34 Weeks

I am 34 weeks today. Things are pretty good. I not feeling great today, but overall everything is good. I saw my midwife today. Our baby is posterior which means she is facing forward towards my belly button, and the ideal position is to be facing my spine. It isn't a huge deal. I am a little nervous because if she doesn't turn then I will probably have a very long labor. Hopefully our baby will turn before it is a problem. I am still working on a bunch of projects, but feeling wiped out and am ready to be done with it all. I was working on a crib bumper for my friend today and made a million mistakes. It was so frustrating. I stayed up late in order to have some success with it after all of my mistakes.
I found out that the friend that I mentioned before who also did embryo adoption is pregnant with twins! I am so happy for her!

34 Weeks


Explorer Bud said...

Wow 34 weeks, soon you will have the little one here to snuggle!! Super exciting for your friend as well!!


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