March 26, 2012

A week of 9's

It's kind of amazing, actually... Lucky at 29 weeks, Curly at 19... And me? At 9 and counting :)

I officially hit 9 weeks on Wednesday. So far, I'm feeling ok... Mostly just lots of fatigue (or should I say, a constant feeling of exhaustion), but no major nausea, or anything of the sort. My nails are growing longer that ever, and my hair is still a bit greasy, but nothing I can't handle. I also need to mention my sore boobies and frequent trips to bathroom... So far, so good, though :)

I have another appointment with my Dr. this Wednesday. This weekend we are planning to tell a huge portion of our families, so we were waiting until then. I'll be 10 weeks, so we figured that's a good time to tell. We haven't officially decided when to say anything on Facebook... But that's coming soon as well.

The excitement builds more and more everyday... It's so amazing, yet scary at the same time! Especially with a loss in our not to distant path. We will just continue to pray and stay positive. For now, that's all we can do :)

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Bossy Bud said...

I'm so thrilled for you! I hope you had a blast telling your family. I'm smiling right now just thinking about it. :)


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