February 24, 2012

25 Weeks

Only 101 days left until Baby Girls due date! Our baby is now 1 1/2 lbs, 13.5 inches, and growing fast! She is moving around plenty and I can often feel her kicks from the outside with my hand.

Overall I am feeling great except I have very mild heartburn in the day at times, and the past few nights I am having a hard time sleeping. I am not huge and uncomfortable yet, but it is just a combination of a lot of small things, like I keep getting hungry, have to pee so often, have a stuffy nose, cramping in my feet and non stop kicking from the Baby Girl. None of it is that bad, but all together I just can't sleep the past few nights. I was sooo tiered today and went to bed at 8pm, and here it is 1am and I still can't sleep. At least it is the weekend so Mr. Lucky Bud can watch the kids while I take a nap tomorrow.

I am having fun getting a lot of projects done and the house better organized before the baby is born. Knowing that the midwifes are going to be in my house is an extra motivator to get things a bit tidier and in order. I finished a little quilt last week that I made for the baby. I will have to post that picture and a belly picture this weekend since I didn't get around to that this week.


Explorer Bud said...

I can't wait to see the finished blanket!!

Buckeye Bud said...

Im so excited for you!! And btw, you and your little belly look so stinking cute!!!

Lucky Bud said...

Thank you so much. That is so nice. I never feel like I look cute.


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