February 1, 2012

12 weeks and counting...

Well girls, I've hit the 12 week mark! YAY! It's so hard to believe...surreal, but wonderful. I'm starting to get a little excited now.

I had my ultrasound and 1st trimester screening on Monday and everything looks good. Skittle was just hanging out and wasn't really moving much when all of a sudden it was wiggling all over the place! The tech was chasing it with the wand. It was awesome to watch and weird because of course I can't feel anything. She got some pretty cool pictures but couldn't get any of the 4D (?) ones because Skittle was being so stubborn and not staying put. Not that I mind any. Oh, and I got the results of the 1st trimester screening today and it was negative for Down's...not that that would have been an issue. My BP was 118/70, FHB was 158 and my weight was up 2 pounds from my 8 week ultrasound. My OB said that I can stop the progesterone as well which made me nearly as happy as the rest of it. *wink*

My next appointment is for the 28th for just a regular checkup. I'm still going to be finding the FHB often just for my peach of mind and shear enjoyment.

To Diva, Bossy and Buckeye: I pray for each of you in all of my prayers. Good luck to you!

PS ~ Sorry this picture is flipped...I couldn't get the darn thing to rotate!


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