January 17, 2012

Working with a clean slate

With the arrival of AF came a lot of positive things... Mainly, the chance at a new cycle. I have started temping today, and my CBEFM is already on day 4. I should be asked to POAS on Thursday, day 6, and of course, we'll go from there. Here's what my current chart looks like:

No big deal, but maybe (hopefully) it will be :)

I finally got my results from OB. All clear, aside from high LH levels. Time to call an RE and get this baby making show on the road... I've had enough with this stupid PCOS.

Positive vibes to all :)

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Bossy Bud said...

I HATE PCOS. We should start a hate club. :)
Glad to see that you're on your way to a new beginning!

Explorer Bud said...

Keeping my fingers crossed this cycle has some clarity to it!!

Diva Bud said...

Let's hope!


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