January 18, 2012

Pellets Are In

Yesterday I went to the Dr. to get the bio-identical hormone pellets put in my side. I had my mom come with since Mr. Explorer Bud was in class, so that way I would have someone to remind me what the Dr. said. I really enjoy the nurses there, they are all so nice and say the right things instead of stupid things. I met with the Dr. first and he went over what he was going to do, how to care for the incision while it is healing, the symptoms that I will see relief from and answer any questions. Then off we went to an exam room to have him cut open my side. Originally he was going to put the pellets in my hip area but then asked if I would rather have it in my butt and I chose the butt because it is fatter and probably would be less annoying. He numbed me right up and then made about a 2 inch incision and put the two pellets of Testosterone and Estrogen into the incision and closed it up. He also gave me a shot of amino-acids that have shown to help your liver process the fat in your body to aide in weight loss. I have to come in weekly to do the shots so I figure I will give it a month and see if it helps at all. Then he gave me an adjustment that was just what I was needing. Seriously he is a one stop shop there. My bum is a bit sore from putting in the pellets but it will be healed soon and I am hoping to feel like a new woman soon.
This morning I noticed I was able to wake up better and have been more alert throughout the day which has been nice. I did feel a little like my equilibrium was off this morning and a little nausea this afternoon before I ate lunch. I am hoping the energy level continues to rise and feeling sick goes away!!


Lucky Bud said...

I am glad you were able to get this step done, although it sounds not fun at all. I hope that you are feeling much better. It would be a relief to know the cause of the symptoms you have been experiencing, and to have a solution!

Explorer Bud said...

I am excited to see the results!!!


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