January 22, 2012


Well my oh my, guess whose little egg should be dropping in the next 24-48 hours? Mine! Mine! Good grief! This cycle has just been ridiculous! All kinds of thoughts/fears have been running through my head.

I usually ovulate between CD12-CD14. Here I am CD18 and I FINALLY get a positive OPK. I have been testing 3X a day since CD9. Good thing I buy my OPK's off Ebay super cheap. Like I've said the past few posts, I'm thinking the leaking sewer gases I was exposed to could of been the reason for out-of-the-ordinary cycle. That or work stress has finally caught up with me.
I've read online that ovulating too late in your cycle can cause a reduced chance of conceiving because your eggs might not be in sync with the lining of your uterus or the eggs could be old, or yada yada yada. Either way, I won't have too high of expectations by the time the end of this cycle rolls around. It's just not been a good month.

Anyways, I'm SOOOOO excited to share that Mr.Buckeye Bud bought be a ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor. For those who dont know what it does..............
It measures your estrogen (which rises prior to ovulation) and it measures your LH. Because I'm such a tight wod with money, I did a lot of research to find it at the cheapest place. Which was Wal-Mart's website. $180 got us the monitor and a pack of 30 strips.

Does anyone have one? And if so, how do you like it thus far? Has anyone conceived using this technology?


Explorer Bud said...

Just crazy!!!

Diva Bud said...

Yeah, I Oed on CD18 before my BFP last year... It's possible to have a long cycle, cause with a 35 day cycle (like my "regular" ones) you still have 17 days until AF. Try to keep testing to see if your LH drops again, and keep temping!!! :)

This is my first cycle with my CBEFM, and so far so good... But it's a little early to tell, so I'll let you know by the end of the cycle ;)

GL and tons of sticky baby dust!!!!!

Buckeye Bud said...

Fo Sho Explorer Bud!!

You've given me hope Diva! But what do you mean to keep testing? Like using an OPK???

Yes, def keep us posted on how your CBEFM works for you!!


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