January 10, 2012


I wish I could just know what is going on with this cycle of mine. It is currently CD68, with no sign of AF, not even in the distance. My temps have stayed relatively high the last week, and my boobs have been killing me! They are slightly better today, but they've been so bad I haven't even wanted Mr. DBud to touch them (and he is always trying to cop a feel). The whole breast has had this tender feeling, while my nipple hurts a bit more. Strange :-/ here's what my current chart looks like (I'm going to have to link it to my profile on the sidebar to make this easier).

I also had a wicked appetite yesterday. I had black beans and rice with steak and some avocado for dinner (what can I say... I'm Cuban) and a bite size piece of Cheesecake my student's mom made for me. That was at almost 8pm. At midnight, I was starving! I went to bed without eating anything, cause it was too late and I was already laying down... But still.No results from the Dr. yet. Going to call today and see if I can get some answers. They said that no matter what the results turned out to be, they would contact me about them. The Dr. also said if it was something out of the ordinary, she would call me and set up an appointment. But the communication from there office the past three weeks has been... Zilch. Let's see what happens. Will update when I have "answers".

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Explorer Bud said...

I hope you get the results soon, I hate waiting!!


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