January 7, 2012

AF's Vacation

I am NOT happy to report that AF has, still, not arrived. I am on CD65 with no BFP and no AF. My boobs have been KILLING ME the last few days (they are super tender and my nipples hurt). I STILL haven't gotten my lab results from the OB/GYN, therefore I am planning on calling them on Tuesday, which will mark three weeks since my appointment (15 business days). They told me it should take about 10, and I overestimated a bit due to the holidays... But enough is enough. Can you tell I am ready for a new Doc?! I haven't filled the prescription for the AF-forcing meds, since I am waiting for my results first. We'll see how this all pans out. My CBEFM arrived today. I have been very busy, packing up some stuff (and getting rid of lots of stuff) to do a home renovation project, so I didn't want to pull it out and then not have time to peruse the contents of the box. I am excited about using it, and hope that it will shed some more light on my situation. I would be interested in finding out about my fellow buds, as well as the readers', experiences with the CBEFM. Please share :)

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Bossy Bud said...

I would absolutely start looking around for a new doctor. Like Mr. Bossy tells me- We are customers (patients) and they are running a business. I, personally, think it's ridiculous that you have had to wait this long. You have more patience than I do!
Good luck with your CBEFM!


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