December 9, 2011

Uninvited Guest

A little bit of nausea the past couple days and a consistently high temperature gave me a glimmer of hope that I might just be KU. Although I knew in my heart I really wasn't. I didn't let myself get excited so the disappointment was minimal when I got my declining temperature yesterday morning. I knew she was coming soon and she did. Aunt Flo graced me with her presence during an already stressful day at work yesterday. She treated me with ungodly painful cramps that had me hunched over in pain. Oh well, the pain lets me remember that I'm still alive ;)

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So today is day 2 of my cycle and I start the Femara tomorrow! I'm pretty excited about it but still a bit nervous. I really hope I don't Ovulate as early in this cycle as I did my last (Day 7).

Instructions for use: Take 2 tablets (2.5mg) by mouth everyday at the same time on cycle day 3-7. The side effects are supposed to be minimal, but I will keep everyone posted on how it makes me feel. Wish me luck friends!!


Diva Bud said...

Boo for AF but yay for moving onto new ideas... Keep us posted! GL

Explorer Bud said...

Great that you get to start a new treatment. I am hoping the Femara will do the trick for you this cycle!!


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