December 26, 2011

Two Week Wait Please Fly By

So, I am currently on CD19. FF FINALLY gave me a crosshair on Christmas Morning. However it wasn't where I wanted it. Here is what my past week looks like.

12/18- CD11- Did the BD. BFN on OPK.
12/19- CD 12- Did the BD. BFP on OPK
12/20-CD 13- Did the BD. BFP on OPK
12/21-CD 14- BFN on OPK.
12/23-CD 16- Did the BD.
12/25 CD 18- Finally got a cross hair that says I O'd on 12/21 CD14

I'm not sure what I was thinking not doing the BD on 12/21 CD-14. I think that Mr.Buckeye Bud and I were kind of worn out. I think the pressure is getting to us making it a bit difficult to make it thru the BD session. Maybe I just wont tell him next month when I O, so that he isnt under so much pressure :/ CD14 is the day FF says I O'd. If this is the case, I sure hope the squirmies are tough and survived until the egg dropped.

So here I am 5DPO. I've had a lot of sharp pains in what feels like my ovaries or tubes . I don't know what to make of this. Today I feel kind of crampy and bloated. I'm not gonna psych myself up tho. I'm tired of being let down. So if I don't let myself get my hopes up then the smack in the face wont hurt so bad. I know I should remain positive and all that hooplah but I find it impossible at this point. Nothing good has ever come of me being excited and optimistic. Call me Negative Nancy.

I do want to share this site that I found before I forget! It is a database of actual pregnancy symptoms submitted by pregnant women. There are different categories on the left side (i.e. BFP after miscarriage, BFP with PCOS, etc) so be sure to check those out. This site is addicting! However, it might aide in more obsessing during your own TWW.

-Buckeye Bud


Explorer Bud said...

Isn't it annoying that our cycles can't just do what they are supposed to. It is like chasing a ghost to figure out when we ovulate!! I feel ya when you say you can't bring yourself to be super positive about each cycle because you have been let down. I know exactly how you feel. I think it is just fine to be a skeptic to save your emotions a bit, they are very raw at this point!!

Diva Bud said...

It is TOTALLY annoying when our cycles don't do what they are supposed to... And unfortunately, I know what you mean about the BD to conceive pressure. Mr. DBud and I didn't BD again until the 24th after all the BD madness around the time I was "supposedly" Oing. Hang in there, and try to stay as positive as you can without getting your hopes up... :)


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