December 11, 2011

The frustration sets in...

16 DPO, no sign of AF and nothing but BFNs. When will I get a break?

I am standing at a crossroad, but I am at a stand-still. I wish SOMETHING would happen. I wish that I could either get the BFP I have been waiting for, or have AF show up already, so I can move on with this TTC process. Obviously, I would LOVE for it to be the option including a BFP... But I rather something happen than just sit here waiting. I am beyond 2 weeks, and getting anxious. In addition, I only have one CBED left, which I plan to save until mid week, if temps stay high, as they have. Take a look at my chart:

I haven't completely lost hope... After all, many women get late BFPs after multiple BFNs. I just hope that I am one of them :-/

According to FF, AF is due tomorrow... So the waiting game will continue.

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