December 8, 2011

BFN :-/

So, I bought a few more FRERs, and POAS when I got home (a few minutes ago). All I got was a big fat NEGATIVE :( I guess I should just wait and see what happens... Based on my old cycle, AF is due tomorrow, but my previous LPs were about 18 days before any spotting occurred. Today is CD 35, and 12 DPO. That means that, technically, I have 5 days left in my LP. It seems like this cycle may be busted, and if that's the case, I am calling the IF clinic as soon as AF arrives (or if all this insanity continues further). Meanwhile, I'm still in the game, since AF hasn't shown. Hopefully she doesn't! :-/

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The Kloeppings said...

It's not over until the fat lady sings!!! My normal LP is 14 days and my BFP on CD 13 was so slight (even with FMU) that if I'd done it on CD 12 with non FMU it would have been a BFN! Hold out hope and don't count yourself out until AF rears her ugly head!

Diva Bud said...

Oops! Today is 13 DPO... But you're right. It wasn't FMU (I peed a lot today, too) and AF is still not "late". We shall see!!!!

Curly Bud said...

Don't lose hope, Diva! Like you said, AF still isn't due to arrive. I'll be praying for you and sending those "sticky" vibes your way!!!!

Explorer Bud said...

That's right just keep positive and it may pay off in the end!!!


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