November 19, 2011

Med's Arrived

I received the majority of my medications in the mail the other day. I feel like I am mostly ready for this third round of IVF. We are doing a mini-stim cycle so it is more Clomid and less injectionables but it is still pricey over in the US!! In Panama we paid about $1,200 for the full round of injectionables, progesterone, Clomid and all the miscellaneous pills I was blessed to take!!

I am done with BCP's tomorrow and Progresterone pills which is good because my body is whollly confused. I have been spotting the past three days and have had to start taking a double dose of BCP's to prevent AF from coming too early. I have been really crampy and feeling bloated which I will be glad will be over in a few days as well.

My first appointment for the start of this cycle is this Monday. I am going to really go over ways we can ensure my lining is up to par and that we are taking all available measures, since that is something I have a "feeling" is part of the problem that those embryo's aren't sticking.



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