November 16, 2011

OPK day 2

Hello!! Just stopping in to share my results for day two of POAS/OPK ;)

Here it is:

I don't see a major change, so I am going to take the advice given by one of our wonderful readers (comment on my most recent post) and continue looking for a change in result. I am also considering purchasing a new BBT and temping again. Good thing is, I can track temp on Period Tracker app, too. I just have to actually pick up a new BBT cause my last one got chewed up (by my dog). I may also pick up some more OPKs, since I don't have many left, and may need to test more than 4-5 more days.

Will continue to update. Again, any suggestions or comments about your own experiences with OPKs are more than welcome, if not encouraged. ;)

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Me said...

Try the Wondfo brand OPKs and PG tests from Amazon. Waaay cheaper than what you can get in the store and they work well.

~Cactus Bud

The Kloeppings said...

I've been stocking up at . Same idea as amazon and waaaay cheaper than in the store.

Good luck:) I'm still waiting to O over here too...the pain in my pelvis says it's close but my OPK's are still negative. Really hating PCOS right now.


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