October 12, 2011

So I back at the gym and loving it... well for the most part. I will admit the first day back I thought I would die doing cardio again.

I mean seriously I struggled just to do ten minutes... are you kidding me. UGH!

But then I realized it was mind over matter. How bad do I want this. I mean I have sacrificed so much already for a child I don't even know... a child I dream of having... so what's holding me back.

And when I finally decided it was not only for health, but for my dream of having a child I was reminded I would do anything for my child... so the next day I kicked it up a notch.

Shockingly in three days I was up to two miles and by the end of the week I was doing 27 minutes of cardio. And on Friday I spent two hours at the gym... not all on the elliptical, but I did the toning tables and weight machines. I was so darn proud of myself... I couldn't believe it.

Then I took Saturday, Sunday & Monday off and by Monday I was missing the gym. But my hubby had the day off and wanted to spend it with me... so no gym that day. Boy was I glad to go today, but ended up smacking myself for not eating before going cause I caused myself to end my workout sooner than I wanted :(

I guess there is tomorrow... and I do plan to eat something before going... I mean normally I do... I am not sure what I was thinking today lol.

Well, I'd say I am off to a pretty good start getting back into my routine. Can't wait for my first weigh in and measurements... so I can see my progress :)

Take care everyone.. HUGS Cupcake Bud

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