October 1, 2011

My Naughty Plan

well my plan was to put things on a back burner, but let's just say I sorta, maybe, kinda put them there and forgot about them. Yeah, I did. And that was pretty rather naughty to me.

I did have intentions of taking a break because I knew we had to PCS, but with the date constantly changing, things going crazy, trying to work, dealing with school... blah blah blah blah... I had to make a choice. The stress was so bad that my face was horribly broken out, I actually got some gray hairs, I was feeling sick, and some other things. I don't every remember being so stressed in all my life. So I had to put blogging, schooling, and other things on hold.. cause I just couldn't do it anymore. Not till after we finished with the whole moving thing.

But we are finally in our house and pretty much unpacked (minus a few boxes)... so now my life is finding some normalcy and I couldn't be happier. I started school back up, my acne is better, and I don't feel so stressed :) Plus hey I am back to blogging. However, the most important thing today was that I went and got a gym membership :) Which I am super excited about cause I want to get back on track with TTC naturally and kicking PCOS in the butt.

So that is just a quick update for now on why I've been gone for so long... I would of said something sooner, but I had no internet for a long time either... which didn't help. Anywhootie, I hope all of you are doing well and hope I can catch up on where everyone is at.

Hugs to all,

Cupcake Bud

PS. I actually was happy to discover I hadn't gained any weight during this time... hooray for me.


Diva Bud said...

Glad to see you back :) From time to time, life and craziness takes over. We hear ya ;)

Have you tried sticking to a lower carb/sugar and low fat diet (along with working out)? I went to a Special Doctor (which I am getting ready to blog about now) who mentioned that the Metformin in combination with a High Protein/Low Fat/Low Carb diet is DEFINITELY the way to go for PCOS.


Cupcake Bud said...

I took metformin, but it made me horribly sick... bad.

I do eat more protein and the carbs I eat I try to watch what kinds... I like gluten free.

I am working out now :) and it feels good woot woot :)


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