September 5, 2011

Getting desperate... :-/

We are officially on CD100. Yup! Not a single sign of AF since her last appearance in late May. And even though AF is not the best company to keep, I kind of need her to show up sometime. Anytime. Soon?

I am planning on calling the IF clinic, a former bud and friend recommended, this week... Maybe they will be able to help me :-/ this is just all so frustrating.

I was doing some research on natural remedies to make AF start, and read about a natural remedy called "Vitex". It is supposed to help regulate your hormones and many women with PCOS swear by it... Have any of you had any experience with this? I would be very interested to hear what your take on it is.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep waiting and see what happens with the IF Doctor.

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Jen J. said...

I'm sorry DB. :(

I did take Vitex for a little while, not sure if it actually helped or not, but my cycles did start lengthening (what I used it for). I think that could have been attributed to my body just adjusting to being off BCPs. GL sweetie :)

Diva Bud said...

Thanks!!! I think I am going to ask the fertility doctor about it... :)

Rai said...

I took Vitex during my last two cycles before my BFP. I don't know if I took it regularly enough for it to regulate my cycles, but I did end up PG after taking it, so its worth a shot. Good Luck!

Diva Bud said...

Thanks!!! Now I just have to see if I find some locally... :)

Explorer Bud said...

Ooohhh I will do some research on that I haven't heard of Vitex before for PCOS. Really anything I will try and it is really dumb when AF starts not showing up for months and months and months. I didn't care until I wanted to get pregnant!!

Diva Bud said...

I just bought some and popped the first one now. It was relatively inexpensive at $7.99 (GNC) and it should last about a month... From what I read, it is great to maintain a woman's overall health.


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