September 19, 2011

Embryo Transfer

Yeah! We had our embryo transfer this morning! We called the office first thing to see what to do about the medication I misplaced. They had it at the office, so we just left a little early since I was supposed to take it 1 hour before the transfer. They prescribe valiium the day of the transfer which I thought was weird, and the other was abuterol, which is for asma, but it also relaxes the muscles in the uterus.

I waited until I was at the office to drink the water because last time I drank to much and I could hardly make it thought the mock transfer. They called me in pretty quickly and my nurse came in right away to give me the run down and my gown. Next the Dr came in and spoke with me for a couple of minutes, and at the same time the embryologist came in and let us know how the thaw went.

For our IVF  cycle I was completely closed off to transferring 3 embryos, and then it didn't work. So this time I said I would like to transfer 2 or 3. They thawed three and they all made it! They were all day 3 multicells.
They were:  grade 1-8 cell,  grade 2-6 cell and  grade 2-8 cell. I hope I explained that right, but I can't find the paper right now that had the quality of cells on it.

When I first got into the room for the FET, they prepped me for the transfer. For part of that process they sterilized my insides which stung sooo bad, but only lasted 45 seconds. I had to pee of course, so having the technician pressing the ultrasound on my bladder made it even harder. The Dr. couldn't get the positioning that he wanted for the embryos, so it took a few tries. When it was done I was relieved and just thinking about how long it would be before I got to pee. They wheeled me into another room where I stayed laying down for 30 minutes, but they brought me a bed pan, and I didn't even care at the moment that it would get on my bum and back a little bit.

Then I got dressed and that was pretty much it! Things went smoothly and I am very hopeful to have one stick!

I test on Sept 30th!

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