September 6, 2011

Back....Sort of

The shower went great, as did my vacation.  I came back to immediately jumping into the school year.  I'll post more about all of that (and other things like my possible GD) later.  Right now I just have to say that starting the school year?  It's KICKING. MY. BUTT. 

I'm a pro at this.  This is my 3rd "get ready for the school year," first day thing.  But OMG, I never anticipated how much harder it would be this time around.  Hanging posters killed my back.  I couldn't lift all the boxes to take back to my room.  And that ladder I use to hang posters?  Yeah, it looked a little scary. 

Thankfully, I had Mr. Teacher Bud come an help me one day, and a friend another.  However, stubborn me still insisted on climbing that ladder! And hanging that poster! And!  And! And!... yeah.  I paid for it later.  There is a spot in my back that spasmed for days. 

And then there was today - the 1st day of school.  Whew!  I am wiped.  I mean, I know I always am after the first day.  You generally don't have your butt hit the chair ever, because you have to circulate constantly to establish a presence.  And you talk all time as you go over the syllabus, rules, etc.  And the whole time you're trying to set the tone, so you have to be PEPPY! And PERKY!  And ENERGETIC!  Yeah, do that for 7 hours without rest and you're exhausted when you're not 30 weeks. 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED seeing my students after the summer, I love them and missed them, and they make me smile.  But whew!  Excuse me while I pour myself into the couch (with my feet up!) to try to recuperate for tomorrow. 

I'll leave you with my 2 funniest pregnancy related student comments today. 

  1. From a student passing in the hall - "You're still pregnant???"  Well let's do the math dear - I told you I was 3 months in May.... Yup.  Still pregnant.  
  2. From a student who I had for 2 class periods near the end of the second, upon hearing me mention the small child bouncing on my bladder to another student who was whining that they couldn't wait 5 whole minutes to use the bathroom.  "Wait, you haven't had the baby yet??"  First - seem my response to comment 1.  Second - No, this is just a basket ball under my shirt.  Welcome to paying attention!!  
 I love them - I really do. 



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