September 19, 2011

33 Weeks and Other Updates

So technically 33 weeks is tomorrrow, but we are close enough. As much as I don't want to wish my pregnancy away I am so uncomfortable that I am ready to be done. My ribs began hurting again this week along with my back. Usually if I sleep with a pillow underneath my ribs on the painful side it helps but now my ribs are bruised again so even that hurts! Other than that lovely symptom, I have been more fatigued lately.

In addition to the symptoms I have been nesting which Mr. BB loves! I have deep cleaned our bedroom, our bathroom, our closet, the pantry, put together our Arm's Reach Cosleeper and set up the car seat and stroller. Here is a picture of the cosleeper:

Ours is only natural not gingham like the one pictured. Imagine from

We really like the cosleeper because it attaches to our bed so our LO will be sleeping with us, but in the safety of a separate space. Since I will be breastfeeding it makes sense for the baby to be so close to me.

At my 32 week appointment baby sounded good and I measured right on track. I also did not gain any weight since my last appointment. I had the opportunity to ask the midwife all of my questions, which were a lot. I was pleased with all the answers she gave me. Since I will be giving birth in the Alternate Birthing Center (ABC) with midwives and nurses who are for natural birth the midwife agreed with everything in my birth plan. I live about an hour and ten minutes from the ABC and this is my second birth so my midwife suggested against laboring much at home. My last labor lasted 12 hours and the second labor is supposed to be quicker the midwives (and Mr. BB) don't want me delivering the baby on the highway. Luckily I will have the freedom to walk around, take a bath etc during labor which is great.

Mr. BB and I more than half way through our Bradley Birth classes. We really enjoy them and they are helping us communicate our wants/needs for L & D (mostly mine obviously) and to get prepared to any situation that could occur. We do a lot of relaxation in class and are supposed to practice it outside of class as well. Mr. BB and I try to practice as much as we can but we could be better.

I am very excited that my shower is this weekend! I can't wait to see some of my family and friends I haven't seen in awhile and to celebrate this LO. I will also be relieved that when the shower is over we can purchase the rest of the necessities and have everything ready for LO.

I half packed the hospital bag with all our clothes. I am printing out the list of what else to pack and putting it with the hospital bag so we can finish packing it as we get closer. We also made the who to call/text list. It feels good to be prepared!

I will definitely update after my shower, hopefully with some pictures. I can't wait!




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