August 1, 2011

Travels with AF

I have been very lucky to be on vacation the majority of July and enjoying being able to focus less on no baby. I have finished reading Unsung Lullabyes which I would say is a must read to anyone going through infertility. I loved reading the whole book and I thought was great how it went over all the emotional side of each stage of infertility even the mental/emotional parts after you have a baby.

So as for vacation I have been working diliegently on my tan and would say I am successfully dark and relaxing and enjoying friends and family. I got to go visit my friend in California who just had her baby and was able to help out so she could get some much needed rest. It is always fun to hold a newborn and have them snuggle up to you, I think that is my favorite stage by far! Then I was able to go to a family reunion and hang out with the little cousins around the ages of 2 and 4 which was soo much fun to see them discovering things and getting soo excited about stuff, probably my next favorite stage.

Inbetween my trips AF arrived and hung around for about 5 days which was pretty average and it has been about 70 days or 10 weeks. So at least there seems to be some consistency of an average 3 month span between AF. We will have to see what the RE thinks at our first appointment this Thursday.



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