August 30, 2011

Okay, first I'd like to address Diva's post: GIRL...YES!!! It's so ironic that you posted that because a woman and I were talking about that very thing during lunch today. She's had an ectopic and is TTC. But I totally understand and agree. It's like when you buy a new car; you never see that model of your Toyota but then you buy one and they're everywhere! I see pregnant patients. Pregnant women on TV. In commercials. On Facebook. It's like an epidemic...and we're immune. *sigh*

It's been really hard these past couple of days looking at the BF since the baby shower. She's just so pregnant. And when she's not rubbing the belly, she's complaining about being pregnant. I want to tell her everytime she does, "wanna switch places?".

I got my labs back. Everything is normal so I'm happy about that. It would be nice to have a reason though. But oh well. They checked for lupus anticoagulant, factor v, thyroid, and chromosomal abnormalities. I wish they were able to tell me what all was being drawn before I got to the lab (I asked but the nurse couldn't give me many details) so that I could request a couple more. No biggie.

My BOTB has been in overdrive lately. I had to move some things from my baby box to something larger. Hehe. Other than some cute outfits, I have some pretty cool stuff. One of my coworkers had a Boppy pillow that she doesn't use anymore, I found a really nice sling for like $7 at a local baby consignment shop and before the first miscarriage one of my good friends gave me a nice photo frame with "now showing" on it. Oh yeah, and one of the girls doesn't want her glider/rocker or bouncy seat anymore and is going to give me those as well. Anyway it happens, I'm going to be rocking a child to sleep in that chair!



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