August 25, 2011

Nursery Update and L&D Tour

I don't think I ever did a post here showing our nursery beyond when we first got the crib in about 10 weeks ago. A lot has changed. The nursery is now pretty much done save for a few things to be hung on the wall and and a light to be put in over the changing table for night changes.

Here the nursery is in all its glory. I tried to note what make and model things were where I could, if you have questions I'll be glad to answer as best I can.
First up is my favorite nook of the whole room. The glider is a Dutailier, the fabric is Buff Laredo. We have the matching ottoman as well. The table, lamp, basket & clock are all things we had around the house. The blanket and pillow on the glider we got from Amazon, they are from the Carter's Forest Friends collection. In addition to these pieces, and the hamper you'll see in another shot, we have the wall hangings to go with the set as well...they just aren't up yet. The toys and toy bin were gifts from our shower and the Boppy I got from a local consignment shop.
Our crib is the Graco Lauren in Espresso. The bumper we have up in the photo is a breathable one. No worries, the stuffed animal and homemade blankets will be removed before the baby goes in the crib.
The changing table is Graco Lauren in Espresso just like the crib. Hamper is Carter's Forest Friends. The diaper pail is a Diaper Genie II Elite. The changing pad was another consignment store score, it has a Carters Soft Changing Pad Cover on it. The baskets are from Babies R'Us (they have monkeys on the other side that are adorable). The rest of the items were gifts. We're still looking for a light to mount to the wall over the changing table for night changes. If anybody has suggestions for one that is bright enough that we can see what we're doing, but not so bright it wakes the baby up all the way...please let me know.

A glimpse of half his closet, the other half looks about the same. The clothes are a mix of gifts and hand-me-downs. The bathtub (up top) is the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders tub. The rest of the items pictures are a mix of books (gifts), breastfeeding supplies, and safety gear we'll need later. Not pictured is a dresser that we already had on-hand that is full of things like itty bitty onesies, handmade sweaters, bibs, crib sheets and the like.
Moving on to other recent news...we had our Labor & Delivery tour yesterday. It was pretty much an overview of the facilities. It was about an hour long and started by showing us where to park and enter the building (good starting point, lol). I already knew where L&D was from my previous visit at 24 weeks, but this time I got to see more than just the triage rooms. It was great to see in person a couple examples of the rooms I could be delivering in. They also showed us what rooms we'd be in for the post-delivery portion of our stay, which I also liked. What I thought was funny is that my husband and I found different parts of the tour relevant. He cared about things like where to park, where the cafeteria is, what floor myself and the baby will be on at a given point. I cared about the accommodations, finding out what level NICU they have there just in case (Level III), and things like if baby will be rooming in with me and if they are breastfeeding friendly (he will, and they are). All-in-all it seems like a pretty good set up there.


Jen J. said...

Aww, the nursery is so cute! I love that owl pillow :)


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