August 17, 2011

Here We Go!

Our embryo transfer for our embryo adoption is set for September 19th! There was some confusion and I didn't know that I was supposed to start the birth control pills a week ago.

Since I started this process I have basically only been talking to the social worker at Bethany. I was told that once the open agreement contract was signed that I would be scheduled for a transfer. The nurse at the NEDC called me today to let me know what my medication protocol was. It seems that they figured that I would have remembered their instructions of when to start the birth control from my apt last December. I should have started it on the 10th the month before my transfer (a week ago). We ended up stopping the embryo adoption process and adopted our Baby Lucky Bud on Christmas Eve, so I did  not keep any paperwork or remember any of the instructions from that appointment.

There were a few stressful hours today where I thought I might have to wait until November for my transfer date(they only do transfers for a one week period, every other month), but the nurse talked to the Dr. and said that I would be fine to move forward for September. They changed my medications and said they should be able to work with where I am at in my cycle. There is still a chance that my lining won't be thick enough in time for the September transfer. I will find out at my first ultrasound on August 30th.

The donor couple had the open agreement looked over by their lawyer and were working on having it signed and noterized the last I heard. It seems that things are moving along smoothly now.

I should receive my medications in the mail tomorrow and start them right away. It all seems so real now!

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