August 17, 2011

Eating Habits & More

So I finally got back on board with my eating plan where I am eating Paleo. I have been rock solid since August 1st and have noticed the difference in my energy levels, hair growth and weight, which I am the most excited about!! Having PCOS and being insulin resistant eating Paleo keeps my insulin levels balanced and low, which in turn have helped balance out my other hormone levels. It decreases how often I have to wax my lovely mustache!

September 18th I have a triathlon that I should really start training for but seem to just not be motivated. I did my first bike ride the other day with my sister and it didn't end with me tipping over but that is probably because I wasn't biking with clips! I enjoy doing the triathlons but I am afraid of biking and being hit or hitting someone or tipping over really. So it makes for a slow biking but better than Marathons which was my previous go to event!!

Anyways I am slimming down and will start doing Crossfit in a month along with training for the triathlon I should be toning back up!! All good things for me and trying to keep my PCOS in check and hopefully my fertility in the positive as well.


Diva Bud said...

Good for you!!! I am interested in hearing more about this Paleo way of eating... how did you get into it?? How does it work???


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