August 31, 2011

1st Monitoring Ultrasound

I have been taking Lupron for 11 days now. I had my first monitoring ultrasound yesterday. My lining was at 9 and my estrogen was high, and I had a large follicle, all of which is bad news.

 I got the news today though that they are not going to call off my cycle yet. They are doubling my dose of Lupron and I am scheduled for a second ultrasound on the 15th. I will find out then if I am still on for my September 19th transfer. It looks as though my body is still trying to ovulate. If I do the transfer will be off. It is probably due to a mix up, I never went on birth control. I am hopeful that it will all work out and that I will still get to go in September. If not, I will go in November.

I am getting used to taking the shots, although my husband gives them to me. I still haven't gotten up the courage to do it myself. We are heading to our hometown of Seattle next Wednesday, and my sister does not have internet, so my next update will be after my ultrasound on September 15th.


Explorer Bud said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that things will go smoothly and you can transfer on the 19th!! I don't think you ever get used to taking shots, I know I would pace the room before I had to get my Progesterone shot!! It was silly but I had to mentally calm myself every time and I wasn't even giving it to myself!!


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