June 12, 2011

Burts Bee Natural Overhaul

I've been looking into more natural ways to help with my PCOS so that I can get pregnant.

In researching some things I decided to switch to Burts Bees products. I ordered a bunch of stuff that should be in tomorrow and can't wait. I order them through a place that does wholesale pricing, which helps the bank account. But I did manage to go to Ulta and pick up a the facial cleanser and moisturizers and body wash.

So far I love the products and wish I would have switched sooner. All these products are free of petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens and SLS. All those contain harsh things for everyone, but can cause even greater issues for those with PCOS. Almost everyone of them cause a further issue with infertility in women with PCOS by causing a dominance of estrogen to be in the body. Women with PCOS already tend to have a dominance of estrogen and to much estrogen causes infertility, breast cancer and other things.

What I found through research was great and I am hoping after a month of switching away from products containing those thing will help my hormones further balance out so I can get on with TTC. I've also read some great reviews and forum posts and blog posts about others who've had things turn around for the better. PCOS symptoms went away or got extremely better. Also, infertility got better etc. To me it was worth adding to my list of natural remedies for PCOS. Next on my list is purchasing laundry detergent and house cleaners free of it.

In just the week I've been using the stuff that I have been using I feel a difference in me... more energy and hair feels healthier... my body in general feels good :) So I am happy so far.

On another note my cycle still hasn't started, but it so is on the edge of starting... I wish it would just start and get it over with... I feel so bloated and my lower back hurts and I am cranky lol.

Hope all you are doing well. I still can't wait till I get this moving done with.

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C said...

I love Burt's Bees! Yes to Carrots is also a great natural brand. And Seventh Generation has awesome natural cleaning products (including laundry detergent!)


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